My Journey of Journeys

It started in the 1990’s, I wanted to know more about where I came from, but not necessarily genealogy wise, I wanted to know more about my biological father who died when I was five.  At some point when I was in high school (80’s) I found out I had two half sisters and two half brothers, one of which died before I was born.  We all had this same father with different mothers.  What did we share?  Did we look alike?  Did we talk alike?  Who was this man who fathered us, who left Pontiac High School in Michigan in the 10th grade and joined the Army a year or two later and served in WW2 and the Korean War?    Who died of a heart attack at age 48 and left me with question upon question.  His name was Arthur Lee Logan, Sr.-  “Art”.

Arthur Logan Sr. HeadstoneFrom there it grew to the yearning to know more, to know his parents and his parent’s parents.  To know my mom’s ancestors and their ancestors and where we came from.

So, from the Logan and Stitt and Rowan’s of Pennsylvania< Vermont< Connecticut< Ireland< Scotland (where my 22% Scot Irish DNA comes from) and his Mother’s parents and grandparents the Kunkle/Gunkel and Hawk & Schlonecker and Younkins & Kocher of Pennsylvania < Germany  (where my 24% Eastern European DNA comes from)…

To my Mom’s father’s family the Wescott/Weskitt/Wescoat & Chadwick/Chaddic/Shadock and Chapman & Burns of North Carolina<Virginia< England (where my 42% Scandinavia DNA comes from)

Wescott Family 1924 Mary, Cora, Laura, John Albert, Capt. W,, Mabel, Mrs. Wescott

and her mother’s family Stephanz/Stefanc/Stefanac and Swegel/Švegelj from Kansas City< Stari Trg ob Kolpi, Črnomelj, Austria< Dolenji Radenci, Slovenija and Deskova vas, Stari trg ob Kolpi, Slovenia (also includes my 24% Eastern European DNA)

Stephanz Family 1912-19 and Schwitkowski and Hennig & Reikowski/Reik WisconsinWest Prussia and  Gdańsk, Poland (also includes my 24% Eastern European DNA) to today where I sit in Middleburg, FL, United States of America…

I seem to have roots everywhere!


No matter which limb I am researching, the journey always leads me to the coast.  We are water people through and through.  



2 thoughts on “My Journey of Journeys”

  1. I have always felt I was a water person and my Aquarius sign supports that but you are mastering a wonderful journey that supports it even more. Thank you for letting us come along.
    Aunt T

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