Marriage Register: Johann Reikowski and Anna Sierotzki

Wedding Register

You can view a more closeup view here,

Translation (Thanks to Carolina of my Prussian Genealogy FB Page)

No. 21

Residence of the bride
Bissau, Danziger Höhe (County) Pomorskie, Westpreussen

First and last name and age of the spouses:
Johann Reikowski, servant/farm hand [Knecht], 22 years old
Anna Sierotzki, virgin, 24 years old

Day of the marriage:
November 26, 1865

Name of the pastor:
same as above [Herlth]

First and last name of the witnesses:
Joseph Meyer, August Derda

[Last lines at the bottom of the page next to the church’s stamp:]

The accuracy of the above register is hereby certified.
Matern, 2 January 1866
Herlth [signature]

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