Andreas Hennig- Death Certificate With Translation (Stephanz Family)

My 4th Great Grandfather.

Clara’s Great Grandfather.

                         Katholisches Kirchenbuch 
                          (Catholic Church Book)
                             (death register)

record-image_3Q9M-CSZ5-LVD1 (2)Translation:

Katholisches Kirchenbuch

Rosenberg is the German name for this place.  The Polish name is Różyny, a village in Poland located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.  In the 1800’s Różyny were subordinated to the administration of the Prussian partition.

Obviously this opened up more research opportunities for me.  This was a huge brick wall for me for years and an amazing discovery!

Thanks to Family Search and the LDS Library for digitizing these records and to Brigitte Eggerstedt from my Genealogy Translations Facebook Page for translating this document.


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