Brick Walls, Allusive Ancestors

I decided to expand my horizons and learn some more tricks of the trade and gain insight from other genealogy enthusiasts and professionals by signing up with Twitter .

By listening to Podcasts and watching some YouTube videos, I’ve learned some neat tricks with Google, organizational tips, and record hunting tools.

While “branching out”…. see what I did there?  I have hit one brick wall after another.  The Chapman family of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, the Burns family of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, (they married in Hagerstown, Maryland so maybe I need to persue that, although the marriage book didn’t tell me much) and the Bauer and Fugina families of Slovenia!

I’ve since ordered some Gottschee marriage CD’s from the areas of the Bauer’s and Fugina’s so here’s hoping that will give me some insight.  My Slovenian group was able to narrow down my search to the Altenmarkt parish and the Nesseltal parish.  We’ll see what the CD’s bring.

My other great find was a program that helped me find errors in my Ancestry tree.  I had some real doozies!  Mothers at the age of 10!  Thirteen maybe, but not ten.  This analyzer really helped me to clean up some old “rookie” mistakes, and some not so old.  😉

And, for the Logan’s, an update on our Clan Logan status from our cousin, James.

Status Report from President James C. Logan
San Diego, CA, USA
29th July 2018

During my recent trip to Scotland, I reviewed the status of our Chief Restoration Project with the Chairman of this Committee, John Marjoribanks. John has been making progress on our search and there is now a reasonable chance of success quite soon. I had the privilege to meet our putative Chief and I am impressed that he is likely to be defendable before the Court of the Lord Lyon. He and his wife are a very personable and intelligent couple. And he has the charisma we would like in the Chief of our Clan. I do not know how long it will be before we can submit our application to the Lyon Court – it could be as long as a year or two. There are two key issues to be resolved before we can proceed and we are planning to hire a professional genealogist to resolve these issues. In the meantime, to protect the privacy of our candidate and his family, a full disclosure of his identity will only be made when we are prepared to proceed with the formal process.

You can read the history of finding a chief and what it means here 

Wish me luck on crashing through these walls.   I will be sure to post my findings!

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