The Gottscheer Connection (Stephanz Family)

Just received my first newsletter from the Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association!  The association was established to preserve the history, culture, and family records of Gottschee.

Every time I start looking at another branch of my tree, I am drawn back to my Slovenian and Gottschee (Svegelj side).  However, I have since learned that my Gottschee ancestry is also on the Stefanc side.  Who Were Mat’s Parents and Family?  Matt’s maternal grandmother and her parents were Gottschee.

The Gottscheer Connection newsletter is choc full of information and now that I am an official member, I may get more insight and help with my roots.   I’ve already sent two separate queries to their board.  There are Gottscheer Heritage members all over the world so I am bound to get a hit!

It also had an article in it about Dr. Anja Morič of Slovenia.  She researches Gottschee and has done her thesis concerning Gottschee research as well as interviewing Gottschees from all over the world.  She has a non-governmental organization in Slovenia called “Zavod Putscherle” that displays Gottscheer exhibits in Slovenia and Austria.  Her Showcases of Memory is fascinating to see.  It is an exhibit about the present-day and former inhabitants of the Gottschee region.

Also, read about what a Putscherle is at Putscherles.

I’ve also ordered some more baptism and marriage CD’s from the association, as well as a CD of surnames and villages around the time our ancestors were there. I will share the information if I learn anything new.

As my Gram would say, Toodle loo for now.

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