Using Facebook Groups For Genealogy

You have read from my previous blogs about me having “someone from my FB group” helping me out from time to time with information, document translations, etc.  Well, I am here to tell you, they are F A B U L O U S!

Along with the historical societies, archives, and #ancestry websites, I highly recommend joining a Facebook Group.  There are many kinds; groups and pages.  There are groups of almost every related parts of genealogy (geographical, linguistic, ethnic, etc.).  Find the ones that work for you, you can always leave the group if it doesn’t “work” for you.  But, the main thing I do recommend is that you read the group rules FIRST.  So many just pop on and say “Can you translate this document for me?” and post the picture.  There are guidelines for a reason, so read them.

Below are the groups I am currently a member of with the top 15 I use the most:
Genealogy Translations

Outer Bankers by Blood

Hatteras Island Genealogical and Preservation Society

Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook

Tyrrell County Genealogy

Isle of Wight Virginia Genealogy

Tillett Family Genealogy

My Last name is Midgett

The Outer Banks of North Carolina History and Genealogy Group!

Pre1800 Logans Yahoo Group members (genealogy)

Gottschee Genealogy


Crnomelj, Dragatus, Vinica and Stari trg ob Kolpi Family Root Research

Slovenian Genealogy (Genealogy2000)

Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc. (SGSI)

German Genealogy

Davenports of North Carolina

Irish Genealogy

Our German and European GENEALOGY

Clan Logan Society International

Ireland: Genealogy & Heritage

Our American GENEALOGY

Chapman Family Association CFA

Our Scandinavian & Finnish GENEALOGY

Early Virginia/ West Virginia families. Surnames and descendants on records

Wisconsin Genealogy Ancestors and Me

Soper Family Genealogy Forum

FamilyHart’s Franklin County PA Genealogy

Edwards ancestors: NC, SC and Virginia roots

France and Mediterranean GENEA

We have many cousins in the Tillett, Midgett, Logan, and Outer Banks groups.  I have met some wonderful and helpful people.  Without them, I would not have gotten as far as I have on these limbs of ours.

Expand your #genealogy; your family history.  Join a Facebook Group!
Click to join!

If you need research assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

Your Family Tree Research Specialist


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