The Sierotzki Tree Is Growing (Stephanz Family)

As you know, I have been kind of stuck on Augusta Julie Reikowski’s grandparents.  Augusta and Johann Schwittkowski (Hennig) are my 2nd great grandparents.  I know that her parents are Johanna Sierotzki and Johann P. Reikowski.  From my PTG Website, the Pomeranian Genealogical Association, it states in Gdańsk Matarnia 1842, Anna Marianna  was born to Franz Szirotzki and Elisabeth Gronkowna.

You have to understand, without wonderful people to index all these records, we wouldn’t have access to them online.  As you have seen from documents I have posted before, some handwriting is very hard to read, especially when it is written in a foreign language.  Sometimes, we get lucky and you have beautiful handwriting that is easily translated by my FB group.

Elisabeth Sierotzki Death Record.jpg

We now have Johanna Sierotzki’s parents, Franz Sierotzki and Elisabeth Grenkowitz.  Oh, and her brother and grandparents too!  There are also other siblings on the PTG site, but I haven’t researched them yet.

Matern, on August 5, 1907.
Before the undersigned civil registrar appeared today, personally known, the owner Franz Sierotzki, residing in Bissau, and stated that the old-resident’s widow Elisabeth Sierotzki, née Grenkowitz, his mother, aged 88 3/4 years, Catholic, residing in Bissau, born in Schwanau, Kreis (district) Karthaus, formerly married to the owner Franz Sierotzki, deceased and lately residing in Bissau, daughter of the tailor Valentin Grenkowitz and his wife Elisabeth, née Dampc[?], both deceased and lately residing in Schwanau, has died in Bissau in the declarant’s home on August 4, 1907, at 3:30am. The same Sierotzki stated that he has been informed of the deceased’s passing away by his own experience.
Read out loud, approved and undersigned
Franz Sierotzki
The civil registrar
R. Kammer[?]
Certified conformant with the main register
Matern, on August 5, 1907
The civil registrar
R. Kammer[?]

I also found the marriage record of Franz and Elisabeth.

Franz Sierotzki and Elisabeth Grenkowitz Marriage 1841 IndexFranz Sierotzki and Elisabeth Grenkowitz Marriage 1841

More on the Hennig family coming soon….

If you need research assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

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