Tend Your Garden; Fix Your Rookie Mistakes

Genealogy is never far from my mind. I hear a last name and think, “That sounds German” or Irish, or Slovenian, etc. Even when I am not writing and researching, I am thinking or reading about genealogy. My new-found reads are mystery books about genealogy because they mention ways to find clues in your own research. Bumps in my life may stop or slow down my mojo, but I am always pondering.

Last night I went to my friend’s house to meet her father, the one I helped with her family tree. It was interesting to get his take on what my findings were and to hear him say, “Well, that makes sense because…” We laughed and told stories and guessed about why one of his ancestors would walk 20 miles along a train track only to get his foot stuck and die by train.  Her dad asked me if I was a history buff and if that it why I started genealogy.  I told him no, I started loving delving into history because of genealogy.  To see how my ancestors lived and in what conditions.  Why they traveled and how they traveled.  

I hadn’t been on my tree for a while, not just because of doing my friend’s tree, but other personal things going on, you know, L I F E. I hopped on this morning to find those little green leaves telling me I had hints on some of my ancestors. Several being on the Logan side. Oh boy did that show me some rookie mistakes!

The Logan side is the very first side I started research on. The one I made a lot of rookie mistakes with! I can see them every time I click on a Logan ancestor. When I write a blog on a person, I clean them, but still notice things like “what was the source for that information?”

So, when you’re stuck on a branch or a person, take a break and go back and look at some older finds and clean up your rookie mistakes. We learn a lot by doing, so use what you’ve learned and clean up your tree.

My other love is gardening. I have been getting my yard ready and planting cold loving plants and seeds getting the ground ready for Spring flowers and vegetables. Your genealogical tree is just like gardening. You have to constantly nourish and prune your older branches to keep your tree growing strong and wide.

So, as I am frustrated that I cannot do more in my backyard garden, I will tend to my online tree and watch it grow!  

If you need research assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

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