The Lowlanders – The Logans

We have all heard of the Scottish Highlanders.  The romance of the Scottish knights in battles and love.   But, have you heard of the Lowlanders?  The Logans were Lowlanders.

The Logan surname is very ancient in Scotland and is of Celtic origin according to Major George J. N. Logan Home’s History of the Logan Family.  The Mac before the name of many means “the son of”, but others, such as Logan, come from an occupation or a place.  Lagan or laggan means “little hollow” and is where our Scottish-Gaelic derivative of Logan comes from.

We likely share origins with the Highland-Logans.  The Highland-Gaelic Logan origin was probably during the Scottish Kingdom of Darliada which existed in the 6th and 7th centuries.

The Logan’s, like other clans, often crossed over into other lands.  They spread to Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Dumbarton, and Ross-shire.  The Logan’s were divided into two branches, the lowland Chiefs of Grugar (later Restalrig) and the Highland chiefs of Drumdeurfit in Northern Scotland.  

The lowland Logans in Galloway on the west coast and Lothian on the east coast already existed by the time of the Norman Invasion around 1066.  By the time of Alexander II of the House of Dunkeld, the lowland Logan’s were prominent supporters.  From 1200-1600, the Logan’s held large possessions in both Scotland and Ulster.  They were amongst the most distinguished knights and barons of their time.  They were famed for their steadfast courage and patriotic loyalty, many of whom were slain in battle against the English invaders.  -From The Logans of Scotland by James C. Logan

In the book, The Lowland Logan’s, the author combines James’ research and her own to tell the story of these Barons of Restalrig and the royalty connection to us all.

But, I am dead. I died in July of 1606. How can they convict me? They took all my lands, all my possessions. They dug up my bones and put them on trial. Yes, they put my bones on trial! And, they found my bones guilty of treason! They said I forfeited my rights because I could not testify. I AM DEAD! I died two years ago. Now they’ve confiscated my property, my lands and my title was abolished. My heirs were stripped of their titles and holdings, they cannot run for office, they were denied their privilege of their noble birth and my estate which included lands with four castles and monies valued at over £29,042. I was a multi-millionaire and they took it all.

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