It’s Not Over…

A family tree is never over. It is amazing to me when I hear someone say, “I’ve finished my family tree.” Really? How is that? You have over 2020 years of ancestors in your tree? Highly doubtful.

I love working on my genealogy because it is never over. What will I find out next? To find an ancestor who came from Poland only to meet another ancestor who came over from Germany and fall in love and made baby descendants in a time where that would have been forbidden in their own countries. It’s just magical.  

It also gets very complicated because I cannot just say, “I’m Irish or English.”  I can definitely say I am mostly European. That is most definitely the case. I used to believe and tell people that the Logan name is Irish.  I just knew I was mostly Irish. That was until I started my own genealogy. Now I know that my Logans came from Scotland. Sure, we have Logans in Ireland too, but you have to keep going, keep digging. And, my son was quite happy to learn we have Vikings in our genes.

My story is diverse.  So it is with yours if you dig far and deep enough.

I have yet to find my connection to the above Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus, or that whole area West of Poland and Slovenia.  I am excited to see what it holds, who it holds and their stories.   

In the meantime, I am helping others with their stories and loving it! I am also learning as I go.  I am finding more repositories, research websites, and making more connections. I find that I really do love helping others.  I have done several pro bono jobs that have let to some paying gigs, but in both, I have truly enjoyed the hunt and the satisfaction of helping someone else find their roots.  

If you need research assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

Your Family Tree Research Specialist


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