Family History For Children

As I mentioned in my last blog, I believe that there is a need to teach children step-by-step on how to trace their family history, their genealogy. After doing some research for my upcoming “Family History Detectives Club” and after seeing the excitement in the children’s eyes about the club and not finding much help on the internet, I knew there was a need.

So, I created an online Google Classroom course and am checking into giving courses at my local library. They had genealogy courses on their calendar, but for teens and seniors. Nothing for children.

I am mirroring the lessons for the club with my Google classroom. Face to face and virtual are always a little different, but I have found that kids have so many activities after school and on the weekends; some which have limited them from joining my club. The virtual class will still give them access to me, but let them participate and learn in their own time.

If you search for genealogy or family history for kids, you will find a lot of activities and worksheets and even videos. But, none of these teach the tools your children need to start tracing their ancestry. I will be accessible to help them along the way and answer any questions they may have.

If you are reading this before the end of September, you will get the early bird registration of 50% off the cost of 5 sessions.

If you have any questions or suggestions for classes, please email me at

Sign up now at Genealogy Classes. Classes begin November 1. Classes opened early and more are being added.


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