The Croatian Connection? Maybe (Stephanz Family)

Use your historical societies, archives, and libraries.

Last weekend I spent time adding some names in my Gottschee side of my family tree. A gentleman who has published his and his wife’s family history passed away in September. He was a great contributor to the Gottschee Heritage Association and has helped me in the past. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until recently that although I wasn’t related to him, I found out through a cousin that I am related to his wife! And, considering he and his wife were third cousins, I could be related to him as well.  

It really does pay to visit your Historical Societies, Archives, and Libraries. They are a treasure trove of information. Find out where your ancestors were from and look up the historical society or family history library in that area. You will be amazed at what you can find.

Anyhow, the gentleman who died was John Krauland and his wife was named Dorothy Maurin. Dorothy is my 3rd cousin, 3x removed. As I have stated in my previous blog on my Gottscheer ancestry, these families are very interconnected. Her great grandfather and my second great uncle were brothers. Wrap your mind around that!

 I was able to add seven more generations to my tree. What I find interesting is that one of my new 6th great grandparents is from Croatia. Why is that interesting? I’ve been wondering where my Croatia DNA connection could be.  

If you’re interested in seeing John Krauland and his wife’s ancestry, visit Krauland’s databases.


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