Online Family History Classes


One-on-One Interactive Classes

Introducing affordable ninety minutes of family history sessions!

Learn how to create a family tree of your own.  Go online with me, and we will work step by step recording your family history. 

  • Virtual tutoring- individual screen shares- a virtual whiteboard to work on: 
    • Family tree creation via
    • Records search for documenting your family history.
    • Break down brick walls on a particular ancestor.

Family History Detectives


Basic Family History Class covers how to research your family tree step-by-step.  The class was designed with children in mind, but anyone is welcome to take the class.

The class is divided into five sessions and teaches how to start to trace an ancestor.

  • How to start a family tree and where to look for clues for who your ancestors were, leading to who you are.
  • How different people in your family are related, and how to make a pedigree chart.
  • Connect with me via Zoom, and I will guide you along the way, help you to organize your findings, locate different sources, and teach you how to cite your research.
  • There are many genealogy activities on the internet, but this class will allow you to ask questions in a virtual classroom or one on one.

We use Google Classroom for this class. Be sure to add the extension DocHub (free) to your Google Chrome in order to open and edit certain assignments.

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