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BARE ROOTS- Basic Family History Research Steps

There are many activities for children online related to genealogy, but nothing teaches them step-by-step. I created this course to teach children how to research their family tree. Children will also be able to communicate with me and ask questions like a one-on-one genealogy tutor.

In this five-session course, you will learn the how to start to trace an ancestor.

You will learn:

  • How to start a family tree and where to look for clues for who they were and who you are.
  • How different people in your family relate and how to make a pedigree chart.
  • Yes, there are many genealogy activities for children on the internet, but this course will give your child and you access to ask me questions in a virtual classroom.
  • I will guide you along the way and help you to organize your findings, locate different sources and learn how to use them.

And, you can learn anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you complete the activities and assignments before the end of the course. 😉

The next class is Emerging Leaves where we expand on what you have learned in the Bare Roots course.

We use Google Classroom for this course. Be sure to add the extension DocHub (free) to your Google Chrome in order to open and edit certain assignments. (not required, but helpful)

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Below is a video of what you can expect from my classes.

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Bare Roots

Basic Genealogy Steps