One-on-One Interactive Class

$15.00 $12.75

Introducing affordable sixty minutes of family history sessions!

This class is for anyone just starting out…children and adults alike.  Learn how to create a family tree of your own.  Go online with me, and we will work step by step recording your family history.

  • Virtual tutoring- individual screen shares- a virtual whiteboard to work on:
    • Family tree creation via
    • Records search for documenting your family history.
    • Break down brick walls on a particular ancestor.


  • Connect with me via Zoom, and I will guide you along the way, help you to organize your findings, locate different sources, and teach you how to cite your research.
  • There are many genealogy activities and videos on the internet, but this class will allow you to ask questions in a virtual setting.


I am not a Genealogist, but I play one at home.  Learn more about my 25 years of experience at my website  


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