Standalone Plus Zoom Class (The Basics)

$20.00 $17.00

This is a sixty-minute class geared for children ages 9-14 or anyone brand new to starting out. I will help you to organize your findings, locate different sources, and teach you how to cite your research.

There are many genealogy activities on the internet, but this class will allow you to ask questions in a virtual classroom.

We use Google Classroom for this class. Be sure to add the extension DocHub (free) to your Google Chrome in order to open and edit certain assignments.

I am not a Genealogist, but I play one at home.  Learn more about my 25 years of experience at my website


Using the Standalone Google Classroom, I will connect with you via Zoom, and guide you step-by-step.

This can be one-one-one or done in a classroom setting with your friends.  Each friend must purchase their own course.


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