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Research Specialist Services and Coaching

How can I help you discover who you are and where you come from?

I am not a professional genealogist but have been doing family history research since 1992. I have access to multiple databases, sources, and contacts all over the world. I keep digging to get results.

Family Research Packages make for unique gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or special occasions. GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for purchase.

If the packages do not meet what you’re looking for, contact me for customized packages fit for you!

All packages include a free email consultation. Consultations can be made virtually or via email.

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Usually, research can take at least four hours for worthwhile information. If you are researching a female line, it may be necessary for me to research sideways, to branch out so to speak. A woman’s maiden name can be hard to research. She may get married more than once so researching her children and siblings is the best way to find out more about a family. Therefore, packages 3 through 6 may be best for this research. As we all know, families are more than a straight line.

Other fees are in addition to the hourly fees or credits included in the packages. These may include costs required for parking, copying, postage, secretarial services, and supplies, etc. They may also include charges by other researchers paid to research records in far cities or outside the country.

Additional costs also include ordering copies of records such as birth records, baptismal records, marriage records, naturalization records, death records, wills, etc. I will discuss options with you including the additional cost of requesting these documents. These fees can be paid via my PayPal account PayPal.Me/Loganealogy

I work full-time, so therefore my research is mostly through my extensive online research databases, historical societies, libraries, and contacts worldwide. I will do as much as I can using the resources I have obtained in my own family research from the past thirty years.  Feel free to read some of my blogs to see what information I have been able to find on my own family without traveling.

Please email me to discuss what you need and how I can help. All correspondence will be via email in order for me to keep track of information on our communications and agreements.

**CANCELLATION: Once a Research Project has begun you are liable for the full amount of the Project costs. If you choose to cancel the project you will be required to pay any outstanding fees remaining and will then receive all research material done to date.

Below are some tips to help you control your costs.

  • Gather information about your family as much as you possibly can. Use as many free resources as possible. Some are listed at Free Genealogy Services Resources.   Be sure to take advantage of them.
  • Break down a large project into minor tasks and pay for them periodically.
  • Stay informed about your costs by requesting reports and comprehensive billings.
  • Request other members of your family to help you meet the costs.


Due to the nature of transcription and potential human error I cannot guarantee the information presented is 100% accurate. Every effort was made to ensure the quality of the material presented. For this reason, every family tree research project is vulnerable to occasional inaccuracy.  I make every reasonable effort to verify the findings of my research.

The information I provide is accurate to the best of my knowledge.   However, because every individual’s family history is unique, it is not possible to guarantee results or that a certain sum of money will provide you with a certain number of new ancestors or documents. This is true for the simple reason that it will never be known exactly what historical records hold for your family until the time is spent researching and studying the records.

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