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Ingrid Bowler- Jacksonville Beach, FloridaAugust 2020

Miracle breakthrough! I want to pass this story along in case you or anyone you know is struggling with something similar (or if you want help researching your family genealogy). Both my mom and my Aunt Roz have been trying to replace their U.S. naturalization papers for years. After 9/11, they haven’t been able to renew their driver’s licenses, which means they can’t write a check, travel anywhere, etc. The problem has been the lack of documentation of their immigration from Latvia to the US in 1949. Their names were missing from the ship’s manifest, the courthouse clerks who I contacted told me they didn’t have record of them, they weren’t listed at Ellis Island. It was like they didn’t exist. We consulted an immigration attorney, worked with Senator Bill Nelson’s office, and spent countless hours on the phone with USCIS and the local USCIS field office. Aunt Roz was going through the same nightmare in California… she hired an immigration attorney, etc. Nothing. A few weeks ago, we decided to ask Matt’s cousin Marlee, who is a genealogy consultant, for help. All we really asked her to do was to verify the ship the family was on and what port they arrived in. Last week, Marlee sent us 25 perfectly clear documents: scanned copies of the original immigration cards for my entire family, the amended ship manifest with their names on it, my grandparent’s work application, written notes about the camp in Germany they were in and how they had to flee Latvia, even the list of items in my mom’s suitcase when she arrived. My Aunt Roz and I were both in tears when we received it all. We are kicking ourselves for not seeking Marlee’s help sooner, but we are so thankful we finally did.

Kelly Glavin, Fleming Island, FloridaAugust 2020

My daughter took the children’s genealogy class with Loganalogy and she has traced back and learned so much of our family’s history… things her grandparents didn’t even know! I would highly recommend for any child!

Rhonda Vassel, MichiganSeptember 2019

Marlee you are great! 

I found your blog as I was Googling my ancestors name Logan. I have been researching that line for 5+ years and had hit a brick wall. After reading your blog I had blanks filled, stories to tell and a new cousin to boot!! 

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me and information on our family!! 

Ana, CanadaJuly 2019

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Gale Galusha, Finger Lakes, Keuka, in upstate New York June 2019

“Really Marlee! How kind of you.”  “You are wonderful.”

Gale posted on the Facebook German Genealogy page that she needed help with finding her great grandmother who had died in 1896 at Weißenau. All she knew was that this was a mental institution but she could not locate information about it.  Someone responded that the Records of the Heilanstalt Weißenau are held by the Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg, Repositur. 

Gale is a retired nurse and was unsure of how to approach this since she did not speak German.  I emailed the Landesarchiv on her behalf and soon she was in contact with the hospital’s historian! She sent the needed information to the historian and he is on the case!  They are still looking through their archives.

Gale was very appreciative of my help and has been in contact with status updates!

Jennifer Davis, Middleburg, Florida- June 2019

If you are curious about your family history, look no further! Loganealogy is detail oriented and excellent and uncovering the tiniest of details. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the information I received about my family line.

Jenn wanted to give her father a special gift for Christmas. I helped her trace her line to Louisiana history to France and Santo Domingo, Germany and Sweden, and many other places. I found her history very interesting and learned a lot.

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