Josephine Tesmer Reikowski- Death Certificate w/ Translation (Stephanz Family)

My 4th Great Grandmother.

The link for a closer look is

Translation of Death Certificate, thanks to Carolina Meyer of FB:

No. 152

Oliva, 6 September 1904

Before the undersigning registrar appeared today, the personally known laborer’s wife Catharina Klawa née Reikowski, residing in Oliva, Seekathe [Seekate] No. 3, and declared that

her mother Josephine Reikowski née Tessmer, widowed, 93 years old, Catholic religion, residing in Oliva with her,

born at Banin, county [Kreis] Carthaus [Karthaus], was married to the at Bissau deceased laborer Franz Reikowski,

first and family name, occupation and last residence of the deceased parents unknown,

died in Oliva at her residence on 6 September 1904 at 3 a.m.

Above one printed word crossed out.

Read out, approved and due to the declarant’s inability to write signed with her mark

X X X Catharina Klawa

The registrar.

Per pro Schumann

The accordance with the main register is certified.

Oliva, 6 September 1904

The registrar.

Per pro Schumann [signature]


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